Life in the big city

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I think it’s safe to say that we have completely adjusted to living back in Sioux Falls. Every once in a while I’ll think about my chickens or the beautiful sunsets or the sunrise coming up over the cornfields. But then I just have to turn my head and I see beauty right around me here too. Funny how that works, huh?

I feel blessed beyond measure as we absolutely love our house and our neighborhood. It’s safe to say I might even enjoy sitting outside in the evening more here in the city, than I did on the farm. It might have something to do with the smell – or lack there of (we lived right next to a large cattle feedlot out on the farm.)

My amazing husband has been spending his days putting the last of the packed things away, cleaning, playing with the kids and cooking. Have I mentioned he’s amazing? He is thoroughly enjoying this time with the kids and they are loving it even more I’m sure. He might be getting a little possessive with his house-keeping duties though. The other night I started to do some laundry and he gave me a lecture about that being “his job.” Whatever makes him happy, right? I guess I’ll go back to watching Scooby Doo with the kids. Or maybe I should find myself a job.

Oh wait, I did. I started a new full-time job this past Monday. My official title is Internal Communications Coordinator. Basically I’m on a team with 3 other people and we oversee the editing, updating and storage of over 70 manuals and over 900 policies and procedures for the company. There are other tasks our team is in charge of including overseeing the company’s newsfeed (blog).

You could probably say I’m totally head over heels in love with my new job. But that sounds kind of weird.

The kids are loving their summer. As I mentioned before we have some great neighbors. We have already become close friends with the neighbors right across the street and they have a little girl who is one year older than Angel. They are best buds and are inseparable. It’s hard being a 6-year old when your parents won’t let you spend every waking minute with your friend. Goodness.

The other day we had to explain our “rule” about having supper together. Our rule is that for the most part we have supper together as a family every night. We can have guests over or we can be guests at other people’s houses, or they will sometimes have supper at Grama’s house if we go on a date. However if the kids get invited over to supper at someone’s house by themselves, we are probably going to say no.  I know, we are weird and mean and you would have thought the world was coming to an end when we had this conversation.  We are also weird and mean about having sleepovers and I’m afraid that topic is going to come up real soon.

Other than job loss and new job and moving and unpacking, our first month of summer has been packed with lots of fun.

Fun with friends.


Fun with fire and s’mores.

IMG_8362 IMG_8363 IMG_8364

Fun watching bats. And squirrels. And rabbits.  And meeting all the neighbor dogs. I’m pretty sure we have more wildlife in our neighborhood than we did out on the farm!

Visiting the falls.

IMG_8163 IMG_8164  IMG_8177 IMG_8178

Visiting the goose park.

IMG_8180 IMG_8181 IMG_8182 IMG_8183



Going on walks and bike rides down to the park that’s 3 blocks away, and also venturing on to the bike trails. We even did a little geocaching and are looking forward to doing more of that.


Life back in the big city has been good and we are extremely thankful for how God has provided for us through this transition.



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