Our 5 kids

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Last night all FIVE of our kids were home!

If you are new to the blog, you might not realize we have five kids!

Holly (my step-daughter)
Timothy(Holly’s husband)
Cody (my step-son)

Holly and Timothy live out-of-town and so we don’t get to see them a lot. But they are in town for a few days before they move to Detroit. Cody lives in Sioux Falls, but unfortunately we don’t get to see him much. Since Holly and Timothy were over for supper last night, Pat was able to convince him to come join us.

It was amazing! I love my kiddos so much. And it’s such a joy to have them home!

Pat made a scrumptious supper – homemade mac-n-cheese, steak and shrimp. I was in charge of the bread and veggies. I threw a loaf of french bread in the oven and I microwaved some peas. And then I dropped the bowl of peas all over the floor. So like I said, Pat made a scrumptious supper!



As usually our entertainment for the night was Angel and Caleb.

After supper the guys had to check out Pat’s Jeep.


And then we asked Holly’s mom to stop by so we could get a family picture.


It’s been a very long time since we’ve all been together and have actually taken a picture. I love it, I thought it turned out great! Even Molly dog was looking at the camera!

The kids then convinced Pat to light a fire. It was a little breezy last night but he finally gave in.

We had bought those huge campfire marshmallows and so the kids wanted to have s’mores.


Oh my word. That’s a lot of marshmallow!  But we had fun making fun of each other trying to eat the humongous marshmallows.  Unfortunately Cody couldn’t stay long but Holly and Timothy stayed for a while.




Love, love, love my kiddos! So thankful we could all have a night together before Holly and Timothy head east.

Here are a few out-takes from our family photo shoot.



Even the out-takes aren’t too bad!

Hug your kids and/or parents today! If you can’t hug them, call, text, email, skype, etc., and tell them you love them. You can never say it enough!



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