Weekend wrap up

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What a beautiful weekend!

Up here in good ol’ South Dakota, it was the first weekend that it felt like Spring might actually be around the corner. Sunday morning I took Molly (the dog) outside and I heard the birds chirping. Thank you, Jesus!

My sister came down for the weekend, so that made it even better. She literally works 24/7 as she’s the general manager for a restaurant/convention center. Even when she’s not at work, she is dealing with employee issues via text, email and phone call. We are so thankful when she’s able to sneak away to visit!

As you know if you read this post, Friday was Dad’s birthday. I was having a really good morning. Every day we have devotions at work and on Friday the speaker shared about her dad who had made a huge impact on her life. Cue the waterworks. I am so thankful for the impact my dad had on my life. I also miss him more than words could ever say.

Saturday we met my brother Tracy and his finance Patricia at a new Mexican fast food place (Giliberto’s). It was so good! And so much fun when we all get together, especially since we are hanging out with this goofball.


After lunch we all headed to the zoo. It was a little chilly, but considering the winter we have had, it felt amazing to be outside.

First we took in the dinosaur exhibit, which was very interesting, but a little creepy too. The kids thought it was awesome.




Of course, it’s too early in the year for all the animals to be out, but we still had fun and of enjoyed the beautiful day!


Saturday night we had our dinner in honor of Dad’s birthday, which consisted of crab legs. That’s right, nothing but crab legs. After dinner we watched previews on On Demand – seriously the most entertaining thing ever, and then took in a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory, which ranks right up there with Seinfeld. Tracy and Caleb were involved in a gun fight. The nerf variety. Things got a little dangerous when Patrick started shooting at his wife and his wife began to make threats that she probably couldn’t keep.

Sunday was another full day. Pat and I are teaching Sunday school and that’s always an adventure! After church we grabbed a quick lunch and then headed home to do some chores. We normally do our chores on Saturday, but with Nellie here, we had much better things to do! Caleb had a bowling birthday party at 4:00, we spent some time outside, Pat got to take his motorcycle for a spin, and before we knew it, it was closing in on 8:00 pm.

The only bad part about the weekend ~ other than we had to Spring Forward, and wowzer, it was hard to get up this morning ~ was that we forgot to Skype with Jim, Leana and Cleo. But they are so good about sending us pictures. Here are a few of the little chubby monkey:

wpid-img_1394.jpg wpid-fullsizerender_3.jpg wpid-img951463.jpg wpid-img951455.jpg wpid-img_1353.jpg

I love that baby girl so much!

Well, that’s about it for our weekend. I’m so thankful to not be hibernating any longer, and while I know it’s entirely possible, I’m praying we are done with any major snow or cold.

How was your weekend? What kind of memories did you make?

Have a good week! Hug your loved ones who are close, and tell the ones who aren’t, how much you love them!



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