Traveling with my chains

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I recently adapted Isaiah 53 into a sketch for an upcoming Lenten service at church. We will be using black plastic chains as props in the sketch. Since I may be prone to forgetfulness, I decided to just leave the chains in the car until we are done with them.

The other night I was driving home from a rehearsal and I looked over to the passenger seat to see the chains sitting there, traveling with me wherever I went.


God spoke to my heart at that moment, saying, “Are you traveling with your chains, child?”

My chains.

My chains used to be guilt and shame over sinful choices and the abandonment of my faith in God. Even after I confessed my sin and re-committed my life to Jesus, I still allowed these chains to weigh me down. I allowed the chains to consume me, and I carried them with me wherever I went.

It wasn’t until my Mom and Dad died in June, 2012, that God took away these chains. It was an immediate release. I have often wondered if I don’t carry the chains of guilt and shame anymore because I’m so focused on the loss of Mom and Dad. But I know in my heart that isn’t the case. I know God healed me. I don’t know why my chains weren’t broken until Mom and Dad died. I had prayed for years for God to take them as it had consumed my thoughts and negatively affected relationships.

Mom and Dad were the only ones, besides my husband, who truly knew the weight of the chains I carried. I know they prayed for me to be released from the pain of these chains. Just as they prayed for my siblings to be released from the chains they carried.

Perhaps their sudden death was an answer to their prayers. I know they didn’t pray to die, however I would bet they prayed for God to use whatever He needed to, in order for my siblings and I to find healing.  And so it was through their death, that healing was found. For me, it was release from the chains of guilt and shame I had carried for so long.

What chains are you traveling with today? What chains weigh you down and take your eyes off God and His will for your life?

Regret, shame and guilt from past choices?
Anger and unforgiveness?

Have you surrendered your chains to God? Have you went before the throne of God and cried out for freedom?

Perhaps you are like me, and have prayed for freedom for months or years.

I want to encourage you today to keep on. Don’t give up. There is freedom to be found, and it’s only through the healing power of Jesus. We can’t always know why He allows certain things to happen in our life, but we can always know it is for the good of those who love Him.

And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28



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