Rock climbing

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We did a lot of rock climbing this weekend.

This mama also had a million heart attacks.

We went down to Falls Park on Saturday, a park along the river that has beautiful rocks. Pat was meeting up with some buddies to drive his remote control rock climber trucks, and the kids and I thought we’d enjoy the beautiful weather.


I was able to contain the kids for about thirty minutes and I had some time to write. Angel did some writing also, and Caleb climbed on the little rocks and drove his truck Pat has been building for him.



They started to get antsy and wanted to adventure over to the bigger rocks.

Angel is quite cautious when it comes to rock climbing. But Caleb? Oh that boy, he is a maniac. Thankfully there aren’t a lot of high rocks at the Falls, but the way he climbs them, it’s probably similar to climbing Mt Everest.

(Major mom exaggeration there.)



I did my best to let Caleb climb. He was determined to climb every single rock, regardless of how steep it was, or how nervous it made his mama. Angel and I preferred to just take the stairs and the sidewalk, but I had to follow after him and stay as close as I could, in case he took a spill.



After awhile I convinced them to climb the lookout tower. Whew, I’m out of shape it’s a long ways up! But definitely worth it when we got to the top.




Of course, I started to think about our climbing adventure and how it reminded me of the challenges we face in life.

I also felt like I climbed a lot of metaphorical rocks and towers this weekend.

We are preparing for Pat’s mom to move in with us in a few months, and decided on Sunday to finally tackle our mess of a basement. We stored everything we had left of Mom and Dad’s down there and I felt strong enough to sort through it and decide what to keep.

Our cleaning adventure started off well. Into the third tote of mostly Mom’s books, music and our supplies from when we organized women’s retreat, I started to get tired. I felt as if initially I was climbing little easy rocks. No problem. But then the grief started to weigh me down and for every piece of paper I threw away, I felt as if I were throwing away a life. I was climbing a very steep, high tower, and I didn’t like it.

Later that day I learned of the sudden death of a close friend’s brother. The heartache I felt for them, combined with the remembrance of our own sudden grief, was overwhelming. Life is so hard, with so many rocks to climb, and some days I’m just tired of it.

God has spoken to my heart today. And I was reminded again of my courageous, adventurous son, and the example he sets for me.

I would give anything to take the stairs and the sidewalk. To avoid the rocks and towers. The stairs and sidewalks are so much easier and safer. God has reminded me the past couple days that while the stairs and sidewalks may be easier and safer, they do not mold me into the person God is calling me to be.

It’s only by climbing over the rocks and climbing up the towers, that I can grow and find the strength I need to face the challenges this world brings. Pure healing is only found through climbing up and over, struggling through it, relying on God for all we need.

This picture is so precious to me.


Angel decided to climb one of the high rocks and of course Caleb raced up ahead of us. He then turned around and held out his hand for Angel.

Jesus goes ahead of us. He doesn’t go too far before turning around to give us His hand.

Let us be like Jesus. Perhaps you’ve already reached the top of the rock God called you to climb. Look back, reach out a hand to someone else who is climbing behind you.

We do not climb alone. I’m taking comfort in that today and I pray that you could also.





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