When you feel like a loser parent

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I checked my phone on Tuesday last week to see a call and voicemail from the kids’ school.

Of course, panic ensued because when the school calls, it’s always bad news, right?

I listened to the message and thankfully there was no emergency. The message was from the guidance counselor and she wanted to let us know about the mentor program the school participates in. She also said they had a mentor available and she thought Angel would be the perfect fit for her.

My first thought was not one of thankfulness and joy that my precious daughter would be able to a part of the mentor program.

My first thought was that I must be a loser mom and I’ve failed my daughter. The school must also feel this way, otherwise they wouldn’t have recommended Angel, right?

Thankfully, with God’s help, I didn’t allow this lie – that I’m a loser parent – to camp out inside my head.

I do fail as a parent. I do make mistakes. However, this doesn’t make me a loser parent. It doesn’t mean I’ve failed as a parent.

When I spoke the truth instead of lies to myself, this is what I heard:

~I love my kids.

~God has blessed with these kids – for a purpose.

~I daily rely on God to help me in my parenting – this means I can never be a failure.

~My daughter does have some challenges. But probably no more or no less than any child. Every child faces challenges in one way or another.

~I’m grateful for teachers, counselors and mentors who fiercely love our girl and want to see her grow into the young woman God has called her to be.

~I’m thankful that God saw fit to provideĀ a mentor who has the same beautiful red hair as Angel does. I know this was not a coincidence.


It’s amazing what happens when I speak truth to myself instead of allowing lies to overtake my every thought.

I can replace lies with the love of God.
I can replace worry and doubt with peace.
I can replace comparison with contentment.

Tell me, in what ways do you speak lies to yourself?

How can you replace these lies with the truth?

Whether it be parenting or any other circumstance in your life, be encouraged in God’s love for you, and in the peace that only He provides.

Blessings on your day,



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