Throwback Thursday: Trusting God’s way ~ even with a bean in the nose

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I originally shared this post shortly after it happened, back in 2010. However, I shared it as a devotion at work last week and again today, and have added a few thoughts.

[You can watch the devotion I shared at work today here.]


A few years ago I made an amazing supper. I would like to say that I’ve made amazing suppers since then, but I can neither confirm nor deny that.

Anyway, it turned out this supper was so amazing that my daughter Angel, who was three at the time, wanted to save a little for later.

In her nose.

And this is when I have to apologize for sharing way too much information with you today.

I had heard stories of kids putting things in their nose, but this was our first experience with it.

I was getting something in the kitchen when Angel asked me for a tissue. She then started talking about something being stuck. I went over to her quickly and asked her if she put something in her nose. Of course, she said no, so I gave her the mommy look and asked her again, “Angel, did you put something in your nose?”

“Yes Mama, a bean.”

Oh my word.

I got the flashlight and sure enough, there was a bean in her nose. It was a black bean so it fit nice and snug inside her nose. In addition, she had tried to get it out before telling me, but instead had pushed it in even farther.

I called my husband and thankfully, he was on his way home. I tried sucking the bean out with one of those baby sucker things, but that didn’t work. I thought about calling Ask a Nurse but since I was working there at the time, I knew they would send us to the doctor.

I got the kids’ shoes and coats on so we could leave as soon as Pat got home. I might had been freaking out just a bit when Pat walked in the door and said, “Settle down, I want to try something,” and began running around the house collecting:

The vacuum, a straw and duct tape.

I don’t remember if I said the words out loud, but I was definitely thinking, “Really Patrick? You think this is the best plan?”

As he begins putting together his bean sucking contraption, Angel says to him in all seriousness, “Are you a doctor?”

Dr Jekyll maybe.

Here’s Dr Jekyll in action.

angel nose 2

Notice that Angel thinks this is the best thing ever.

angel nose 1

Pat built his bean-sucking contraption and started trying to suck out the bean, but was getting nowhere fast. As soon as the straw got close to her nose it would suck her little nostrils together.

I decided to assist Dr Jekyll in this ridiculous experiment and suggested he gently insert the straw in to her nose first and then turn the vacuum on.  After a couple of attempts, it worked and the bean came out. We avoided a $30 co-pay and I was reminded of what a crazy resourceful man I was married to.

Now you are probably asking – how in the world is she going to turn this into a devotion – and that’s a very good question.

As I was pondering this event, something came to mind. When I think about my faith walk and situations I encounter that do not happen according to “my plan”, something similar to our bean incident usually happens.

I freak out, panic, rush around like a crazy person and bulldoze my way through whatever the issue it, knowing I have the best idea on how to fix it.

God whispers to my heart – settle down child, why don’t you try it my way…My way may seem strange, uncomfortable, scary… but it is what’s best for you.

I look at God’s way and I say – no way! That will never work! My way is much better!

God gently reminds me in Isaiah :  …my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.

Regardless of what the situation may be, we will all have times when we want to find a solution our way with our plan. Sometimes what we think we should do is what God is calling us to do. However, there are also times when we need to step back and listen to the leading of God and His will. Even when it’s difficult. Even when God’s way seems too uncomfortable or strange or scary.

God’s way may not be easier than our way, in fact, it is usually more difficult. But it is always the best way. God’s way will mold us and refine us into the men and women he has called us to be.

I challenge you, and myself today, to look to God in all things and trust in His way.

Blessing on your day,



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