We’re moving!

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It was only a matter of time before we moved again, right?

Well, thankfully, this time we aren’t going too far.

We’ve been talking with Pat’s mom for awhile now about her moving in with us. Our target date was sometime this spring.

For the past few months she’s been noticing dark marks on the bottom of her cupboards. She’s done everything to clean it, but nothing works. The maintenance guy had looked at it numerous times and kept saying there was no water leak. We were pretty certain it was mold though.

This weekend things got real interesting. On Thursday or Friday she called to tell us water was coming out of the dishwasher. The maintenance guy looked at it and said he couldn’t fix it. A plumber came and said he couldn’t fix it. Another plumber came and took some pictures.

We planned to move Barb into our house this coming weekend. And then on Friday the plumbers or someone with a jackhammer cut out a three feet by three feet by four feet deep hole in her living room. Only to find out the pipe that had the leak was in cement.

Sunday morning water was leaking so bad it covered the entire apartment. The carpets were all pulled up and they brought in those big industrial fans. But did I mention there was a big hole in her living room?

Here, I’ll show you:






The frustrating part was at no time was she offered any compensation or other living arrangements. We decided on Sunday that we couldn’t wait to get her moved. We spent Sunday from after church until about 4pm moving our bedroom downstairs. And I use the word moving lightly. It was more like throw everything down there, I’ll put it away later.

Sunday night, we, along with Pat’s siblings, niece and nephew, moved her bed and necessities over. We are planning to move the rest this week and weekend.

Thankfully, the apartment people finally came to their senses ~ in part because they might have gotten a few phone calls and visits from Pat and our sister-in-law Marlene ~ and are going to reimburse her a little.

In addition to getting Barb completely out of that mess, I perhaps should do a little work in our room. I’m very excited for what it could be. We’ve basically taken over the entire basement. Pat has a mini shop for his radio control cars, I have a little office and area for my sewing machine. We have a bathroom and Pat is making the extra non-legal bedroom into a huge closet. Have I mentioned I love that guy?!

Im looking forward to showing you the after pictures. Here’s a glimpse of the before, or I guess more like right now.




We would appreciate your prayers the next week as we get everyone moved and settled!

P.s. aren’t you relieved to know we aren’t really moving?! I know I am!

Blessings, MissyQ


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