Throwback Thursday: When I took the kids to vote

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I wrote this post in November, 2012 on a blog I had started for Mom and Dad. As we look towards Easter, it was a good reminder for me of this season, and of the greatest gift of love.


I took the kids along with me to vote on Tuesday. There were quite a few amendments for us to vote on and so I included the kids and asked them if I should vote “yes” or “no” on each one.  It was somewhat comical because they answered exactly how I would have voted anyway!

Our voting place was at a church and after sitting there for a bit, Caleb looked up and saw the big cross at the front of the church. He said, loud enough for everyone to hear, “Mom it’s a cross! Jesus died on the cross.”

I said, “Yes, that’s right Bubs.”

And then he said, “But now He’s alive!”

I know that we fail miserably every single day in trying to “train up the kids in the way they should go.” Thankfully God is so much bigger than our failings and His sweet Spirit is working in their hearts and life.

Both kids, but especially Caleb, are obsessed with making and seeing crosses. Everything that looks like a cross he will point out, “Look Mom, a cross!”  The other day they were playing with play dough and making crosses.  They also have one of the things where you squeeze the play dough through the little mold of different shapes and sizes.  They took one of their “Squinkies” (tiny rubber little figurine things) and were trying to get it to push through the mold with the play dough. It was so fun to listen to them giggle as they were elbow deep in play dough discovery.

It was time to clean up and as they were cleaning I asked about the Squinkie and if they were able to get it to push through. Angel said, “We tried every one, but the only one it could go through was the cross.”

I stopped and tears stung my eyes as I realized the depth of her statement.  The cross. The sacrificial gift, Jesus, surrendering himself to die.  The cross, the only way to find true hope and healing, forgiveness of sins, and the promise of eternal life.

Look to the cross today, see the extravagant love of God for you.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

Blessings on your day,



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