Twinkles in Orion

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Last night I was struggling with something and decided I needed to go have some time to pray. I told Pat I was going to go to the church to pray (just something I’ve always loved doing, praying in the sanctuary at night with just me and Jesus), but on my way there I saw how bright the stars were. I decided to go out to a park on the outskirts of town and spend some time praying out in the beauty of God’s majestic creation.

I was listening to music and praying, gazing up at the beautiful sky. Orion was so bright, it was amazing. Orion is me and Pat’s constellation. But only because of Prince. The singer.

“Orion’s arms are wide enough to hold us both together…”

For you youngins’ out there, that’s a song from the 80’s.

Anyway, as I sat outside praying about some heavy burdens, I missed Mom and Dad so much. They would know what to do. What to say. Their absence in our life knocks the breath out of me.

And then Orion twinkled. First the bottom right star. Then the top left star. Right after each other, so bright. I stared at the stars waiting for it to happen again but it didn’t. I thought to myself, “maybe that was Mom and Dad.” But that sounded stupid because stars just normally twinkle.

Today, I came across this picture:

Still maybe kind of silly, but pretty awesome too.

I don’t know if God twinkled those two stars as a hello from Mom and Dad. I don’t know if it will ever get easier not having them in our life. I don’t know what challenges will come our way in the days to come.

But I do know that no matter how alone I may feel, I am not alone. And if I just open my eyes and ears, I will see and hear God proclaiming His great love for me.



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