Month: April 2016

What I Really Need

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I’m a little rusty at this writing thing, but God put this on my heart awhile ago and I thought it might be a good idea to go ahead and obey and share. : )

A few weeks ago I heard something on the radio that was so simple and yet extremely profound. The radio hosts were talking to someone on the phone and honestly,  I can’t remember why the lady had called in. What I do remember is that at the end of the call they asked her something about what she needs. She replied, “All I need is prayer.”

I’m sure you’ve heard people say that all the time, like I have. For some reason though, it really impacted me this time. Maybe because I had been telling God prior to this that I needed all sorts of stuff, when instead, all I really needed was him.

I’m embarrassed to admit how long my “needs” list had become. I’ll give you a few examples…

I need to lose weight.

I need more money.

I need my parents.

I need to move to Florida.

I need my kids to obey.

I need my husband to pay more attention to me.

I need my dog to stop barking at everything.

I need my house to be clean.

I need ice cream.

Like I said, I could go on probably forever. And I assume I’m not alone in the “needs” I have.

And yet, the truth of the matter is, just like the lady on the radio said, all I really need is prayer (Jesus). It’s very freeing when we can release the fear and worry of our “needs” to God and know without a shadow of a doubt that He really is all we need.

What have you been telling yourself you need? Would you join me in trusting Jesus and believing that He is all you need?

And while I certainly don’t need ice cream, I do want some, so I better go take care of that.