Angel Quittem Day

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It’s Angel Quittem day today!

Woo hoo!

Today is the day we celebrate our girl and remember the official official day that she became ours forever and ever!

AQD girls-before

Me, Holly and Angel hanging out before court.

AQD family-at-court

Look at her smile!

AQD with-judge

She’s not too impressed. But we had a wonderful judge we was so thrilled for our family.

AQD angel-raising-right-hand

I’ll have to show her this. She’s solemnly swearing to always listen to Mommy and Daddy. Ha!

AQD angel-and-jamen

After court we had a party at our house for friends and family. I love this picture with our bud Jamen!

AQD family-at-house1

Blessed beyond measure!  Just love looking at pictures of my girl when she was so tiny!

And then in the blink of an eye, she’s almost 6. And smart and sassy and ready to take on the world!

IMG_5453[1] IMG_5452[1] IMG_5455[1] IMG_5446[1]

We love you baby girl!


Prayers for birth mom

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The kids were helping me decide who to put on our prayer sticks.

Me: I know! We can put D. on one. (Angel’s birth mom.)

Angel: (Wide-eyed) Ok!

Caleb: Who dat?

Me: D. is Angel’s birth mom.

Caleb: Mine!

Me: Sorry Bubs, I’m your birth mom.

Caleb: NOOOO. You’re my mommy.

Angel: (Laughs) Oh Caleb.

When did I get here?

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The other night at the supper table, Angel asked about her adoption. This is the first time she’s initiated conversation about it.  (I wrote it down right afterwards so I would remember it word for word.)

Angel: Mom, when did I get here again?

Me: What do you mean?

Angel: (exasperated sigh) I MEAN, when did I get here in my family.

Me: Well you were born on October 24th.

Angel: In D’s tummy, right?  (She knows her birth mom’s name, we just use D on the blog.)

Me: Yep, you were in D’s tummy.  And then you went to Rhea’s house for a little bit.  And then on December 21st me and Daddy came and got you!  Just in time for Christmas! 

Angel: And then I became your first children!

I know we’ll have some tough conversations in the years to come. Thankful that this first one was filled with joy and laughter!

Angel’s day

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Saturday, August 27th was Angel’s forever family day!  As you know we went camping Friday but didn’t really have much planned for the rest of the weekend.

We started off our day by having donuts for breakfast! This is kind of a tradition that we do on special occasions.  The donuts aren’t anything special, just your regular donut holes but the kids think it’s pretty awesome because mama usually makes them eat “healthy” cereal for breakfast.

After my horrible, no good, terrible long run we all sat down and watched Pioneer Women’s debut on the Food Network.  Priorities, right?  After that it was getting close to lunch and we of course allowed Angel to pick where we went.

Except she picked Chuck E. Cheese, which was the last place on earth her daddy wanted to go and so he sweetly convinced her that Pizza Ranch with the games and bouncy house was a much better idea.

Patiently waiting for her little brother to quit messing around and finish his lunch.

Finally it’s play time!

After the bouncy house and play area it was on to the games.  Pat and I had already spent $10 between the two of us. Pat of course started off by shooting things.  I of course won the jackpot on one of the games and won 242 tickets.  Seriously, this place makes me wonder if I have a gambling problem.

We got another $10 worth of games for the kids to play.  As I was helping Angel squash the ground hogs or whatever these little rodents were, I couldn’t find Caleb.

Oh there he is.  Well yes. Yes he did climb up on this motorcycle all by himself.

I think Angel and Caleb played this spider game about 20 times.

I already had about 200 tickets on my card to begin with (hello? frequent players card? gambling problem?) and after all of us cashed in our tickets we ended the day with a little over 900 tickets. Caleb got a big blow up hammer.  Because obviously his parents don’t have a brain between the two of them.  For 500 tickets Angel got a Barbie doll.  I realize that we could have bought four Barbies for how much we paid for all those tickets, but hey, it was memories made, right?

Saturday afternoon we all took a three-hour nap, which hasn’t happened in a very long time. It was glorious.  Saturday night we went to the family movie in the park. The move was The Apple Dumpling Game. At first the kids didn’t really seem interested and I was afraid we’d have to leave but they eventually started watching and thought it was pretty good.

Yahoo for $1 popcorn!

Angel refusing to take her picture with mama. After the 400 pictures I’d taken the past two days I guess I don’t blame her. “MAMA! Quit taking pictures of me!” Ha!

It seems unusual to me that she doesn’t ask alot of questions about her adoption.  We look through her “first book”, as she calls it, alot. We had to explain again this year why we were having a forever family day. (Caleb was mad that he doesn’t get a forever family day!) I don’t know if she’s just too young to articulate her questions or perhaps she just doesn’t have any. I guess as the days and months go on we’ll address it as it comes.

Angel’s forever family day 2011 was alot of fun and hopefully lots of memories were made.  We are so thankful for our girl!