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That time we gave the horses beer

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Last night we had a belated Christmas dinner with my boss, co-workers and spouses. We had a great time visiting, eating amazing food and sharing funny stories. We laughed and laughed and I shared a few stories about Mom and Dad and sheep and chickens and horses.

One of the stories I shared was when Pat attempted to ride one of the horses and we gave the horses beer. I thought I’d share it again in case you missed it the first time. Or if you just need a good laugh!

And seriously, how it is possible my kids were so little and had such cute little voices. Oh my word, seeing the horses and listening to the kids… my heart can only take so much.

Originally posted July 4th 2012 on my “Dear Mom and Dad blog.”

Dear Mom and Dad,

Today will be a tough day. Every year, with the exception of one or two, we came out to Chamberlain to celebrate with you. There was always a big celebration at Cedar Shores and everyone decorated their boats. You would always lead the boat parade. We’d sit in the water and watch the fireworks. That one year we sat on the boat in the middle of the river and it looked like the fireworks would come right down on top of us. You would make brats and burgers and fried potatoes on the grill, always making some really crispy for Mom. We’d fish, or attempt to fish and let the dogs swim in the river. (Maybe that’s why we never caught any fish!)

Danelle and I were remembering last night all those years you owned the fireworks stand in Redfield. I know it was alot of work, and there were many boring days, but I think we all have fond memories of the fireworks stand. You were the most generous owners ever. You always gave so much stuff away. That was back in the day when we had our yellow lab Ed. Remember he would eat the fireworks – after they were lit!? Every year he’d end up with all his whiskers burned off. I remember one year we decided to get smart and put him in the car while we lit some off. He went completely crazy and practically ruined the car. The inside was covered in slobber from him getting so excited while we lit the fireworks.

Not only will be missing you today, but we are definitely missing Jim and Leana. We’re excited for their new adventure but especially today, we wish they were still here. And we’re still not sure what our plans are. Do we stay at the house? Do we go down to Cedar Shores? This is the first year Angel and Caleb aren’t completely freaked out by the fireworks and Danelle and Tracy are being so great, spending an insane amount of money to buy them fireworks.

Well anyway, by the title of this post, you are probably wondering what I was talking about.  I just want to make sure that you know we aren’t moping around every day or laying in bed with the covers over our heads. Although that kinda sounds like a good idea! Yes, every day is hard and there are moments that seem unbearable, but we are also laughing and remembering the good times we had with you. We are doing our best to make new memories.

Pat has turned into quite the horseman Dad. You would be proud. Well, until you see this video. I wish we would have taken the time to have you show us how to saddle the horses. Because obviously we have no clue.  And as you know Tracy is kind of a beer snob. Turns out the horses are too!

{The first video is a little long, but it’s totally worth it to get to the end!}

{Please ignore my annoying voice. The one who thinks she knows what she’s talking about!}

{Except that I was right, it was upside down. : ) }


ER conversations

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My husband is funny. Especially in stressful situations. I made sure to remember some funny things he said last week when I was in the ER. Ok, I realize most of these conversations are not in the least bit funny. Except to me and Pat. And I guess that’s ok.

I had starting crying again after they did an ultrasound and I was feeling very frustrated that I was a blubbering mess. Sure, I was in pain, but still, I was frustrated about it.

Me: Why do I cry so much?

Pat: Because you have ovaries.

More about crying…

Me: I look horrible.

Pat: No you don’t.

Me: Yes I do. My face looks like a mess.

Pat: Well, it could be worse right. (His standard line.)

Me: No, I don’t think it good.

Pat: Sure it could. You could have no face.


He had texted family and friends to pray and my brother had sent a text after awhile wanting an update…

Pat’s text: We’re still in the ER. There’s blood everywhere. (There obviously wasn’t.)

Tracy’s text: WHAT! Is she conscious?

Me: You need to make sure and tell the doctor I want him to take both ovaries.

Pat: I’ll just tell him we want to make some earrings and we can’t really do that with just one ovary.

We interrupt the health drama for a little funny

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One morning I had managed to get out of bed, showered and dressed before the kids were up. Caleb was sleeping in our bed and I went over to wake him up. He slowly wakes up, stands and looks at me strangely. Then he says, “Mom you dressed all ready?”  I guess I stay in my pj’s a little too much, huh?!


Caleb and Angel were helping my dad clean some fish. The fish made a noise and Caleb said, “Excuse you.” My mom asked him why he said that and he said, “The fish burped.”


I was laying in bed and Pat and Angel were in the living room. The weather was on and I heard this conversation:

Angel: What’s the blue line?

Pat: That’s a low pressure system.

Angel: What’s the red line?

Pat: That’s a high pressure system.

Angel: Hmm. Well that’s interesting.


In the car the other day Daddy was telling “knock knock” jokes to the kids. He first did the one to Angel where he says “banana” over and over and over and then finally the punch line is, “Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?”

He then said the one with “olive” and the punch line is “Olive you.”

So Angel and Caleb starting saying them to each other.

Angel: Knock knock.

Caleb: Who’s there?

Angel: Banana.

Caleb: Who? Banana who?

Angel: Orange you glad I didn’t say olive?



Angel was trying to get Joey to come in to the house one morning. Finally he came in and she turns around, puts her hands up in the air and yells, “JO JO’s IN THE HOUSE!”


On the way home after dropping off Angel at school I asked Caleb what we were going to do. He asked if we could play with cars. I said sure. He said, “HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY FOR MOMMY!”

The things they say and do

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More kid stuff. Better than me blabbing on and on, huh!


At supper one night Daddy rolled up Caleb’s sleeves on his Spiderman shirt.

Caleb: Why you rolling up my sleeves Daddy?

Pat: Cause Spiderman is awesome and we don’t want to get him dirty.

Caleb: No, he’s cute.

Pat: He’s cute?

Caleb: Ya, he’s cute.

Angel: No, Caleb. He’s the awesomest.

Caleb: No! He’s cute everyone!


I was laying in bed with Angel and Daddy and Joey were playing in the family room.

Angel: What is Daddy doing out there?

Me: Working with Joey.

Angel: Is he teaching him a lesson?

Me: Ya, I guess so.

Angel: (in a low voice) I’m gonna teach you a lesson!

We both laugh.

Angel: (laughing) Mommy I can’t do that! I don’t even know how to teach you a lesson!


We laugh about something we taught the kids. Quite awhile back Pat said to one of the kids, “I’m watching you,” and he used his index and middle finger to point to his eyes and then point back to the kids.  I did it one day to them too and now they’ve started doing it to us.

“I’m watching you Mama!”

Caleb can’t quite hold up just his two fingers – poor kids has the chubbiest fingers! – so he does it with three fingers. He’s really watching us I guess!


I mentioned awhile back how Caleb likes the movie Barbie Princess Charm School. Ok, he doesn’t just like it, it’s probably one of his top three. Anyway, after watching the movie he started kneeling down to give me stuff and saying, “Here you are sir.” Pat finally got it on video the other night.


Caleb’s middle name is Richard. He seems to think that it’s everyone’s middle name. Or he’s just a big stinker.

“Mommy Richard!”

“Daddy Richard!”

“Angel Richard!”

“Joey Richard!”


We were eating out at a Mexican restaurant and Angel saw a cactus across the room. She asked if she could touch it when we left. I said yes.




My parents were here last weekend and one morning Caleb went into the room where my mom was and said, “How you doing today, Grama?”


And a little dancing.