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I found some pictures

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 I’m going through pictures and thinking I haven’t shown these to you yet. Facebook, Instagram, blog… it all gets so confusing sometimes! So sorry if you’ve already seen these.

Well here we go.

  Pat put up two tire swings in our front yard. The kids love them.



Can you say sassy?


The last day of school. Yes, last. As in last May!

Caleb with Mrs. Christy and Mrs. Sue. Just the other day Caleb finally understood that Mrs. Christy won’t be his teacher this year.

Needless to say we have a traumatized little boy!


Last day of Preschool for miss Angel.

Here she is with Mrs. Carla and Mrs. Gloria.

They will also be her Kindergarten teachers so we are very excited about that!



With Mom and Dad.

And Grama Barb.


Sister day with Holly!

The other day Angel asked when she gets to have her next date with Holly.

She loves her big sister so much!


We had another graduate this year. Holly graduated from U of M! We are so proud of her!

The next few pictures were from a little party we had to celebrate. At the Pizza Ranch of course!

Caleb with big brother Timothy.


Daddy with his girls.



Holly with her moms!


Creepy picture.


Creepy picture.


My funny kids.



Don’t let them fool you!


The kids have recently discovered goggles.

I think Mama needs to loosen them!



I think this was last Spring. An impromptu family fun night with our couples group.


Vicious game of cards!


Love these guys!


And these guys!


Our first use of the dry erase board we got from our friends going away to Ecuador sale.

“I will not hit.”


This picture is over a year old. But I love it.

Daddy and Hols. hols-and-daddy

My sister’s tattoo. So amazing.


Irony at it’s best. (Or worst.)


Have a great weekend!


Sometimes the only words I can think of are photo captions

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Me and the kiddos at Nellie’s house on Mother’s Day.


This is Wally. I love him. He lives in Aberdeen and needs a ride to Iowa.


Pat’s hand. Getting better. But still has to wear his splint for 3 more weeks.


That splint certainly doesn’t prevent him from starting fires.


Bubs has been sick the past few days. Allergies and asthma I hate you.


This is Molly. Otherwise known as our cat. No. No I do not let her chew on mice on my couch. But I have made an exception for this gross toy.


My Angel cakes. On the way to a sister date with Holly. She was a tad bit excited.


She is also excited about our compost. That’s right, you heard it here. The kids have been so great with helping and it’s been fun learning everything we can and can’t compost.


Last weekend we went to our niece Erica’s graduation from college party. She graduated with a degree in criminal justice, is getting her masters in sign language, has like a 400th degree black belt and the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. And she’s Hols best friend. We think she’s pretty cool.


The feast on moving day. Thankfully the kids had some friends come along to keep them busy.


More friends on moving day.




Mother’s Day again in Aberdeen. Caleb thought uncle Tracy should buy this for us for the farm.


Could never find enough words to say how thankful I am that I get to be their mom.



I’ve got nothing

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It’s one of those days, well evenings, where I don’t have alot on my mind.  Well actually I do have alot on my mind, just not much that’s blog worthy. Thus begins the inside struggle of whether or not to blog, should I just post some pictures and why do I blog anyway?  Then I remember I blog because I want to look back someday and remember our life. Granted I’ll probably look back on our life as I read this blog and think my life was pretty crazy but it’s still my life and I love it.

So now that I’ve wasted 2 minutes of your time with that lengthy introduction here’s a completely random post about completely useless information.

~At what point do you walk into the doctor’s office and say, “I’M DYING!”. Probably never, huh. Well for awhile now (a few months I guess) I’ve been having sharp pains all over. My head and neck mostly but also in my right breast (sorry I said the b word). It’s like knife sharp pain. Sometimes it lasts a few seconds and it’s gone. Sometimes like tonight it lasts for over an hour. I think it’s my body trying to tell me to STOP WITH EATING ALL THE FOOD ALREADY! I did go to the doctor last month and he said since the pain was random and not in one spot it was nothing. So there ya go.

~I tried to watch Dancing with the Stars tonight but when I turned it on Buzz Aldrin (was that his name?) was dancing and that was just silly. I went to finish the dishes and when I got back Pamela Anderson was dancing and I threw up a little in my mouth and decided I was better off not watching.

~I found the movie Julie and Julie on sale for $7.99. I love that movie. Any movie about a blog and food has got to be good, right?

~Tonight Michael Buble was on David Letterman and I decided that I love him alot.  Well his music anyway.

~Pat has started DVR’ing Justified, a new series on FX. It’s about guys that kill people. Or something like that. It’s kind of a western and so he’s started talking like he’s in a western film. He’ll say to Caleb, “I’m gonna take you out behind the woodshed, boy.” And then Caleb will giggle.  And he’ll say to Angel, “I’m gonna break you.” And Angel will say, “You’ll never break me!” in her own western accent.  Man, I love those kids. And my hubs too. And using the word and to start a sentence.

~I made an awesome pasta salad last night. I cooked up some tiny little pasta that I can’t remember the name of. And then chopped some veggies: tomato, red pepper, cucumber, asparagus (boiled 2 minutes and then blanched), onion and radish. I then added salt and pepper, oil and red vinegar. It was yummy good.

~I really want to have another baby. (I can’t actually have a baby but can adopt and to me it’s the same thing).  Pat isn’t 100% against it. More like 99.9% against it. Thankfully God can work with .01%.

~Our Pastor’s sermon this Sunday was awesome. You can listen to it here. It was convicting for me that I often use my crazy busy life as an excuse not to be used of God.

~And with that it’s bedtime. God can’t use me if I’m too tired to even think straight!

Buh bye

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I’m taking a bloggy break. Just thought I’d let all of my four readers know.

But not before sharing this…

Practically every pair of socks I own have a hole in them. That’s really annoying especially when the shoes I wear don’t have backs and we have two feet of snow. What’s even more annoying is that I’m too lazy to just go to the store and buy a few new pairs.

Can’t you tell it’s time for a break?

See ya when I see ya.