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Snow day, silly day, paint with celery day, and my dad almost cut his arm off day

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First things first.

Yes, my dad tried to cut his arm off today.

Well I suppose tried isn’t the right word. He was trying to cut a trophy column and I guess he kinda missed.  My mom sent all us kids a text saying they were at the hospital cause dad cut his arm with a saw but he’s ok. Praise Jesus.  Yes. Praise Jesus indeed. Angel was quite distraught about Papa cutting his arm. In fact when Pat got home from work she told him that Papa cut his arm off! So I had to ask my mom to send a picture so we could assure Angel that Papa still had his arm.

If you don’t think big cuts are cool, you might want to turn away.

Whew. Arm intact!

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. Thankfully it all turned out ok! I guess that’s easy for me to say, I’m not in excruciating pain, huh.  Well, if you don’t mind, say a prayer for my dad!

In other non-life threatening news, we had a busy day today.  I was suppose to work but since there were two Call Reps scheduled I was able to call in and use vacation time. We’re all still not 100% healthy and so I thought it’d be good to have a night of good rest.

It was silly day at Angel’s school. She rocked silly day.

And here she is actually being silly. Cause I guess dressed up silly isn’t enough!

After school we went out to eat for lunch. We might have gotten a few weird looks.

And it snowed today! The kids were so excited. Around 4:00 we were going a little stir crazy and so I thought I’d try my hand at snow blowing the driveway. Pat had shown me how to use the snow blower before but I’ve never actually done it. Thankfully I didn’t hurt anyone and the kids had a blast playing outside.  And I did wonder if it was a good idea to go outside with all of us still getting healthy, but considering how sick everyone has been the past few months, I’m thinking there’s more germs in my house than outside!

Hi Jo Jo. He loves the snow!

Brrr. Time to go inside and have hot chocolate!

Today was also paint with celery day. On Monday when we were in the doctor’s office for Caleb, I read in the Family Fun magazine about paining flowers with the bottom of celery. You cut off all the stalks and the shape looks exactly like a flower. Well turns out we made supper for church on Wednesday night and we used celery and so I just kept the ends.

It didn’t turn out as good as I thought. Probably because I didn’t have a big thing of paint so we had to first brush the celery and then press it on the paper. The kids had fun though.

We had a busy, fun and somewhat scary day today. It was a really good day though because I got almost 8 hours of sleep last night! But you’ll have to come back next week to learn more about that!


A little valentine’s day awe

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Cooking, crafting and caring all in one day

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With our upcoming trip for Pat’s half marathon we won’t be able to do our “caring for others” or “craft day” this week.  But I was able to find a couple of projects that covered both in addition to our cooking fun!

Cooking fun

Monday night before dance we had a snack of trail mix and the kids loved it. So I thought that would be a good snack to make for the trip and for in the hotel so we’re not raiding the vending machine.

Our trail mix ingredients included M-M’s, raisins, almonds and sunflower seeds.

I think I said, “One more scoop!” about 45 times.  

Ya! Mission completed!

Crafting and caring

After we finished our cooking fun we tackled our craft which also was our caring for others for the week.

I found this idea on Pinterest and the original idea was for helping kids with chores. Each day the kids pick out a stick and it tells them what chores to do that day.  I thought we could expand that and we came up with a list of sticks:

Family fun night ideas
Date night ideas
Praying for others

Last night I was thinking about this craft along with the fact that my husband and I really struggle to love with each other’s love language. It’s a constant battle and frustration for us both.  Why not create sticks that have love language ideas?

For our craft today we decided to just start with three – Love Languages for both me and pat and Praying for Others.

Supplies needed: large craft sticks, markers, duct tape and stickers. Those actually aren’t the supplies needed from the original idea.  I kinda tweaked it so it was a little easier for us. You can find all different colors of duct tape and that was fun for the kids.  I thought they would like putting stickers on the tips of the sticks but they didn’t.  So we went with plan B.

First I put the tape on the sticks.  Just eye-balled the size of tape I needed.

And then wrapped it around the stick.

Then I gave it to Caleb and he threw it in the pile. Literally.

If you know me, you know that this wasn’t the original plan.  But he wasn’t enjoying coloring or using the stickers and I was more than happy to let him throw sticks instead of color when I remembered we were using permanent markers.

Angel did a great job of coloring.  In. Her. Element.

After Angel got done coloring I would write on the stick either the love language idea for me or Daddy or the person/family we would be praying for.  (We still have to finish the coloring.) The kids helped me think of most of the people we’d be praying for, both family and friends.

I didn’t have an idea for what to put them in but then I saw these mason jars on my counter.  I don’t really like how we decorated the outside but it’s what I went with. Just wrapped duct tape around it a couple of times and then labeled it.  For the next group I might get a little more creative.

When we were all done we attempted to take a picture with the auto picture thing on the camera. But it kept doing dark.

Note to self: on a cold wintry day when the kids are bored take auto pictures with the kids. They thought it was the greatest thing ever.

Ours certainly didn’t turn out as pretty as the original idea but that’s ok. Each day we’ll take one or two sticks out of the Prayer jar and pray for the person/family.  And also each day Pat and I are supposed to take a stick and do whatever it says to express our love to each other.  I’m excited to see how it works!

Ballerina class

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We’ve been trying to convince Angel to take a ballet class for quite some time but up until recently she’s wanted nothing to do with it. All of sudden she was on board. Not for “dance class” or “ballet class” but “ballerina class”.

Monday of this week was her first class. We were excited to learn that our niece Amanda would be her teacher.

We got there a little early so we could buy a leotard, since Wally World doesn’t carry white ones. Turns out Wally World also doesn’t carry the correct shoes.  And they carry many varieties of tights. But we’ll get to that in a second.

Here’s Angel waiting for her class to start. Mesmerized by the other classes.

Finally it was time for Angel’s class to start. After a quick parent meeting we were asked to leave and wait in the hallway. Thank goodness there’s many large windows for parents to spy on their kiddos.

First they started with stretching. How cute are 3-4 year olds stretching?

Miss Amanda giving a little help.

Then it was time to learn some ballet moves. I have no idea what it’s called but first they worked on putting the heels of their feet together and their toes apart. So cute.

And it’s at this point that I realize Angel is the only one in cheap Wally World shoes and the wrong tights because her mom wasn’t paying attention.

(I’m not a bad mom. I’m not a bad mom. I’m not a bad mom.)

Isn’t it crazy how we let unimportant things like that get us worked up? I know Angel didn’t realize that she had different shoes and tights and even if she did she wouldn’t care. But I still felt bad.  A friend told me that Payless has a whole ballet section so we might have to check that out.

Miss Amanda helping with the heel/toe thing.

Ya! So stinkin’ adorable!

I think in these next few pictures she’s trying to do it by herself.

Whoa. Hang on girl!

And then they started doing a little kick and practicing pointing their toes.

Next was skipping around the room and practicing the moves they’d just learned.

The last thing they did was run to a blue little mat and jump over it and then going to the end and doing a curtsy. Here’s a video.

Yes. Yes we do need to work on the curtsy.

Here’s Angel and Miss Amanda! So thankful she is Angel’s teacher. Angel had such a great time and I’m thankful she finally agreed to give it a try!