The Post In Which I Speak My Mind

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I know I don’t usually speak my mind on my blog and so thought I’d give it a try.

You obviously are new to my blog if you believe that line.

Anyway, in all seriousness, I want to ask you to consider something that will have a MAJOR effect on our country. I’m going to copy some information from The Liberty Council because they are much more eloquent in their speech:

Our contacts on Capitol Hill tell us we are moving very quickly toward a major showdown in the Senate on the Hate Crimes Prevention Act that could silence pastors and churches. The Senate vote on hate crimes could be the most important vote of the entire year… which may be why the Senate leadership is being very secretive about when the vote will take place. As a result, I have directed my staff to prepare a major petition delivery to the Senate leadership within the next 14 days to show strong grassroots opposition to the bill.

Our legal staff has concluded that both the House and the Senate versions of the so-called hate crimes legislation would give “actual or perceived” “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” the same federal legal protection as race. Incredibly, as bizarre as it may sound, this bill includes more than 30 deviant sexual behaviors, including pedophilia!

In addition, this outrageous bill threatens the rights of Christians while giving protected legal status to sexual perversions! President Obama has already pledged his support for this bill, which means our LAST AND ONLY HOPE to stop the bill is in the Senate. And that’s why I’m asking you to sign so I can represent your voice before the leaders of the Senate.

Go here to sign

If you know anything about me,  you know about my journey from the arms of Christ, to the pit of hell and back to the arms of Christ again. Unfortunately that journey included some pretty awful choices. But it also allowed me to experience the complete forgiveness and healing that Christ can bring. 

I also believe it’s only Christ that can bring healing to those that find themselves in the battle of same sex attraction. That’s what this battle is about. It’s not about political correctiveness or giving fair rights. It’s about standing firm on the principles that originally guided this country.  Principles that come from God’s Word.  But SO much more than that it’s about helping individuals and families find healing and forgiveness and become who God created them to be.

I’ve been to conferences on homosexuality and I have a friend that has struggled through this battle.   And so I share this information not out of judgement because it’s not my place to judge but out of love. From one sinner saved by God’s amazing grace to another. To anyone who might be struggling, know that there is healing and peace that can be found through Christ’s love.

I do ask that you sign the petition but more importantly I ask that you would pray. If we do not hold true to the Truths of God’s Word this nation will surely falter and lives and families will continue to be devastated by the consequences of our sin. Pray that our nation’s leaders will seek God’s will in all things. In fact, this Thursday, May 7th is the National Day of Prayer. Our nation needs it now more than ever.


A few things that made me laugh…

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Could you go 7 days without spending any money? I’d like to think I could. But after reading this hilarious story of one guy’s attempt I’m not so sure.  Go here to read about it. Thanks to BooMama for this link.

And here’s a link from Pioneer Woman that I had to laugh at. It’s a spoof on the inspirational posters you often see in offices. Read closely, the wording has changed. 


It’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to

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I’m weeping for a nation that has turned away from the God of its forefathers. I’m weeping for a nation that is motivated by money and things instead of by the Truth of God’s Word. I’m weeping and begging God to bring healing to our land.

Only four more days until the election. I’m not feeling so good about this election. Neither presidential candidate holds all the views that I do, however McCain is definitely more closely aligned in some areas. As our Pastor has said many times, please vote biblically on Tuesday, not based on your billfold. I am fearful of what might happen if Obama wins. It makes me terribly sad that in addition to tons of other issues, thousands of babies will continue to be killed.

When I say “in addition to tons of other issues” if you’re not sure what I’m talking about here’s a link you might want to check out. I told Princess the other day that if Obama wins, as Bible believing Christians in a few years we’ll either be in jail or be silent. This fictional look into the future seems to confirm that.

Although it’s a little long I also enjoyed reading this article:

I challenge and encourage you to pray about November 4th. There is so much at stake.

Get informed. Your state probably has voter guides available for specific issues in your state. Here’s a very brief look at how the presidential candidates stand on the major issues.

And vote. No matter what “side” you are on or how you feel about any of the issues facing us today, please vote. Don’t take our freedom for granted. And join me in asking our Heavenly Father to bring healing to our land.

2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.