Summer 2012

Saving the world is one thing. My daughter is another.

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The best movie line I’ve heard in a long time was just recently from the movie Battleship. (Spoiler alert.)

(Is there anyone in the world who sees “spoiler alert” and doesn’t continue reading? I mean, come on.)


The main guy asked his girlfriend’s dad if he could marry her. The dad said no (sound familiar Prankster?).

“But sir, I saved the world.”

“Saving the world is one thing. My daughter is another.”

That’s right! Preach it brother!

What does that have to do with anything? Well absolutely nothing of course. I just thought it was a really good line.

So how ’bout those summer bed times!? I always used to say that my kids will go to bed at the same time even during summer. Ya, ok. It’s been 10-11 pm before they conk out but at least they’ve been sleeping in a little more than usual.

And in other news our house is officially on the market! Which means we have strangers coming in to our house at all hours of the day. It also means that I have to actually do my dishes, make the beds and sweep every single day. I’m trying to chill out about it a little because I don’t want the kids to remember this summer as the summer of the even more crabbier than normal mama.

Today and tomorrow we had/have a garage sale. Yes. Yes I did say last year that I would never have another garage sale. This doesn’t really count though since we’re, ya know, moving into a small apartment. We actually did really good today and sold alot of the big stuff.

Since getting the house ready for showing, we’ve tried to do stuff away from home as much as possible. The library always has good stuff going on – story time, puppet show and other cool things.

Like… a special appearance by The Cat in the Hat!

Angel and Caleb were pretty excited!

And then Caleb freaked out when I asked him to go stand by the big guy to take a picture. So here is Angel and the Cat.

We’ve been swimming at home alot and also going to the pool a few times but the water at the pool is still pretty cold. This mama is a wimp. Thankfully it’s a toddler pool and so I can just sit on the edge. We also have a spray park that we’ll try to go to each week.

And the kids started gymnastics! Our first day was this week and, well, it was very interesting. I’ll share more about that next week.

This weekend my amazing hubby is running a 5K and then we are going to visit a dairy farm and have a free lunch! Saturday night is movie in the park and then on Sunday our Ed dog goes to his new home. Which of course I’ll share more about in a separate post.

Ooo ooo I just found this picture!

We miss Princess and Prankster! Keep them in your prayers as they are busy this summer raising support – Prankster will be working full-time with Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) beginning in the Fall!

That’s life lately. Hope you are enjoying your summer!